Aspiration with Ease

“What a lark! What a plunge!” And here we are in our second blogpost! It’s been some time, and we want to make sure we’re all caught up. So first, let’s take care of some housekeeping: We’ll be exhibiting in the Big Apple at GNYDM on November 24 to November 29 booth number 2103-2104. Now, lets get into the topic of our blog post. The aspirating syringe!

Aspirating Syringe | A Great Product by ProDentUSA

Today, we’re looking at one of our newest instruments: the Stainless Steel Aspirating Syringe. We’ve gone back to the drawing board several times on this product, and now, we’re proud to say that it’s perfect. The body of the syringe is ergonomically manufactured from a single piece of steel. This ensures that your syringe will not be falling apart on you. We’ve all had those syringes that don’t aspirate–this is a major issue. But we’ve figured out just the right shape and sharpness for the harpoon that guarantees aspiration. To top it off, our fully autoclavable syringe comes in a sleek, satin finish, and as always we back it with our ProDent Promise.

Aspirating Syringe | Looking for More Information?

If you are looking for more information about our aspirating syringe, check it out in our store by Clicking Here!
We’re excited for you to use it and let us know what you think! For more information about our products, visit our home page:

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