Introducing the ProDentUSA blog

HERE WE ARE! OUR FIRST BLOG! Are blogs even exciting anymore?! Let’s be honest, whenever the word blog is mentioned, you’ll hear a nice big yawn coming from the area… and it might even be you! Here at ProDentUSA we’re going to be doing things a little LOT differently.

ProDentUSA Blog | Dental Instruments and More!

You will find the latest news in instrumentology™, innovations to make your daily work life easier, and a lot more. Now what is instrumentology™ you may be wondering? Here at ProDentUSA it’s what we do. Constantly figuring out new methods on how to improve instruments better than they are now. Not only limited to our own but, instruments being used around the world right at this very moment. To us instrumentology™- is the study, manufacturing, testing, re-testing, a little more studying, and then finally bringing to market, of instruments.
ProDentUSA Blog | Most Affordable Dental Instruments

Now what is different about us? You may notice that our prices are much lower than the other guys or just the fact we’re even showing prices right on our website (unlike Hu-Friedy cough cough). Why is this and how? Does this mean that these instruments lack in quality?

Attending countless dental conventions throughout the world these are the questions that are always asked to start with. So, how can we sell our instruments at lower prices compared to the other guys without sacrificing any quality? We are the manufacturers! We call it the From the Factory to your door initiative. This literally means there is no middle man whatsoever. We get our instruments from our own manufacturing facility and ship it directly to you with no stops on the way. With there being no one in between us, we pass the savings down right to you! Why should they go anywhere else? Having our own manufacturing facility, we’re big on custom instruments, even if it’s just a piece or two. Each one of our instruments is backed with a 1 full year front to back guarantee against any manufacturing defects, (assuming proper use).

ProDentUSA Blog | Dental Instruments Can Be Exciting!

There is so much more I want to share but I made a promise I’d keep it short. So yeah blogs are pretty boring but stay tuned into this one and we’ll be having a lot of fun!


Zain Mughal