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Iris Scissors 4.5″

These best-selling scissors have the ideal length and tip design to cut fine tissue and sutures. With blades that are hand sharpened all the way to the tip, they are the perfect scissors to have in every kit. Blades inserted with German Tungsten Carbide offer a longer-lasting cutting edge.

Castroviejo Needle Holder

Made of enduring German Stainless Steel, our needle holders are designed to hold any needle while suturing. German Tungsten Carbide tips offer a more resilient working edge.

Aspirating Syringe, Cook-Waite (CW)

Cook-Waite Syringe, Chrome-Plated Brass Used to administer local anesthetic in preparation for surgical or other dental procedures. Free Domestic Shipping
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College Dressing Pliers 6″, Serrated Tip, Serrated Handle 317

Serrated tip college pliers are used for holding and maneuvering various materials during dental procedures.
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60U Spade Tip Elevator, Back Action

Back Action Elevator, 60U Spade Tip Used during extractions to loosen the tooth from the gums to ease extraction and
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Intro Exam Set

Dental Examination Set Includes explorer #23 in R3 round handle, college pliers, and O1 octagonal cone socket mirror handle with
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63 Spade Tip Elevator, Straight

Used during extractions to loosen the tooth from the gums to ease extraction and prevent trauma to surrounding teeth and
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204S Posterior Sickle Scaler

Thin and sharp, our best-selling 204S scaler provides the perfect angle and precision to effortlessly clean supragingival calculus on interproximal posterior surfaces. Now available in Siberian Stone™ steel.

Christensen Crown Remover

Our best-selling Christensen Crown Removers are ideally constructed to remove permanent crowns after sectioning the crown with a bur. Notched tips aid in effortless removal.

Weider Cheek & Tongue Retractor

Also known as the “sweetheart retractor” due to the heart-shaped end, the Weider Retractor is used to hold back cheeks,

University of Minnesota Retractor

Used to hold back cheeks, tongue, lips and mucoperiosteal tissue during surgical or other dental procedures.
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Dental Digital Caliper

Dental Caliper Specifications Digital measuring device used to measure teeth, spaces and crowns in all types of diagnostic, restorative and
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