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Christensen Crown Remover

Our best-selling Christensen Crown Removers are ideally constructed to remove permanent crowns after sectioning the crown with a bur. Notched tips aid in effortless removal.

86 Lucas Bone Curette

Used to remove unwanted tissue, cysts or other debris from the tooth socket. Now available in Siberian Stone™ steel.

Weider Cheek & Tongue Retractor

Also known as the “sweetheart retractor” due to the heart-shaped end, the Weider Retractor is used to hold back cheeks,
College Dressing Pliers 6", Serrated Tip, Serrated Handle 317 in ProDent Blue Titanium

College Dressing Pliers 6″, Serrated Tip, Serrated Handle 317 in ProDent Blue Titanium

ProDent Blue serrated tip college pliers are used for holding and maneuvering various materials during dental procedures.

Titanium Root Tip Remover

Unique, Titanium screw is designed to spiral into root tip for easy, atraumatic extraction. “Root elevators use the alveolar bone,
1 Goldstein Composite Instrument (G1), Siler tips, Product #40-C211S, Double Ended,

1 Goldstein Composite Instrument (G1)

Used to place and contour plastics, composites and other pliable materials during restorative procedures.

Intro Exam Set

Includes explorer #23 in R3 round handle, college pliers, and O1 octagonal cone socket mirror handle with mirror.

University of Minnesota Retractor

Used to hold back cheeks, tongue, lips and mucoperiosteal tissue during surgical or other dental procedures.

5 Scalpel Handle

Used to hold disposable blades to make incisions during oral surgery.

1 Yardley Cord Packer

Used to pack gingival retraction cord around the margins of a prepared tooth in order to obtain an accurate impression.

Narrow Elastic Placing Mathieu Pliers (Needle Holder)

Made of enduring German Stainless Steel, our needle holders are designed to hold any needle while suturing. German Tungsten Carbide tips offer a more resilient working edge.

Castroviejo Scissors

Unique, spring action design with blades that are sharp all the way to the tip enables effortless cutting of tissue and sutures. These can also be used in microsurgical procedures.