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Crown Grabber with Jaw Cavity

Used to grab and remove temporary crowns. Large jaw cavity with heavy serrations adapts easily to all-sized teeth.

Restorative Dentistry Instruments

Restorative dentistry is a specialization that requires the right tools to provide the best service to your patients. Whether you’re an individual dentist, a representative from a dental practice or even a dental student, you’ll find a huge selection of high-quality restorative dentistry instruments in the selection here at ProDentUSA.

Discover the Options in Our Selection

It’s nice to have options, and you’ll find the following when you browse through our inventory:

  • – Amalgam carriers and wells
  • – Angle formers
  • – Burnishers
  • – Calipers
  • – Carvers
  • – Cement spatulas
  • – Chisels
  • – Crown removers and spreaders
  • – Excavators
  • – Forceps and tweezers
  • – Hatchets
  • – Hoes
  • – Impression trays
  • – Margin trimmers
  • – Matrix retainers
  • – Placement instruments
  • – Waxing instruments

You can also purchase restorative dentistry instruments in bulk and access even greater value for your investment. Never settle for anything less than exactly what you need in restorative dentistry instruments.

The Uses and Benefits of Restorative Dentistry Instruments

The term “restorative dentistry” refers to a range of treatments, including filling cavities, inserting dental implants, bridging gaps in teeth, adding crowns and more. Restorative dentistry is often intensive, and patients are typically counting on transformative results that will improve the way their teeth look and feel.

Having the right restorative dentistry instruments allows dentists to do their best work in such situations. During restorative dentistry procedures, dental professionals may encounter situations that require various instruments, and they will always want to work as quickly as possible while maintaining high performance standards. When you choose high-quality restorative dentistry instruments from ProDentUSA, you can complete restorative dentistry procedures efficiently and effectively.

Accuracy, Precision and Quality

At ProDentUSA, we handcraft our instruments from the highest quality materials. You can also count on their accuracy, precision and durability so you can do your best work.

When you buy your dental restorative instruments from us, you’ll receive the ProDent Promise as well. We guarantee that each instrument in our selection is designed to last. If one of your instruments experiences early failure within the first year, we’ll replace it for free.

Getting Your Instruments Is Easy and Affordable

Getting the right restorative dentistry instruments should be easy. That’s why we strive to make the customer experience as streamlined as possible.

We’re also able to provide the best prices in the industry because we make and sell our own products online rather than relying on sales representatives. As an added bonus, you get free standard domestic shipping on that are more than $50.

Discover the Difference at ProDentUSA

Are you ready to secure the best restorative dentistry instruments at the best possible prices? Discover the difference when you choose the selection at ProDentUSA. Browse through your many options on this page, and contact us if we can provide assistance while you search.