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Olsen-Hegar Needle Holder

Made of enduring German Stainless Steel, our needle holders are designed to hold any needle while suturing. Olsen-Hegar needle holders feature built-in scissors for a convenient 2-in-1 instrument.

Surgical Needle Holders

The suturing process requires care and precision. High-quality instruments such as needle holders give you more control over suturing for better results. Choose from products such as Castroviejo and Mayo-Hegar needle holders for the perfect hold.

Precise Control Over Your Surgical Needles

A needle holder can look similar to a hemostat, but with shorter and thicker jaws. Dentists use these instruments in most surgeries to grasp and drive a suture needle during stitching. The compact design of a surgical needle holder allows for precise stitching.

Choosing a Stainless Steel Needle Holder

Our surgical needle holders come in various sizes, designs and tip styles. Choose a needle holder based on these features:

  • – Size: Different needle holder lengths suit different suture locations. A shorter option provides control when you work close to the surface. Longer needle holders allow for greater access to the third molar region.
  • – Tip shape: A surgical needle holder can have a straight or curved tip. Depending on the suture location, one shape may give you a better view than the other. Read a product’s description for more information on its uses.
  • – Tip material: You can order many of our needle holders with a stainless steel or tungsten carbide tip. Stainless steel tips give you an economical option. Tungsten carbide needle holders are inserted with German Tungsten Carbide at the tip for a longer lasting working end.

Some needle holders work better with smaller needles, while others suit bigger needles. Pay close attention to each product’s description and jaw size.

Spreading Smiles, One Instrument at a Time

We back our needle holders with our guarantee — the ProDent Promise. You receive a one-year warranty on most of our instruments. If you don’t feel satisfied with your product, we will repair or replace it for free. We want you to feel as proud of our instruments as we do.

At ProDentUSA, we sell high-quality instruments at a sensible price. How? The answer lies in every product’s journey. We craft and sell each of our instruments ourselves. This means we don’t have to pay a middleman, and you don’t have to, either.

What We Do for the Environment

When we lower our carbon footprint, everyone can smile more. Our instruments and their packaging contain recycled materials for greener dental supplies. We also reduce, reuse and recycle wherever we can in our daily operations. Join our efforts by taking part in the Instruments for Change program.

Common-Sense Shopping at ProDentUSA

Let’s keep instrument shopping simple. Many companies want you to buy instruments in-person through a sales representative. This process takes extra time, money and effort that we can save through technology. Our instrument shopping process looks like this: Add to cart, checkout and receive your products with free shipping over $50.

Get More Information About Our Surgical Needle Holders

Find the perfect needle holder for your next operation, and feel free to ask us any questions. For faster shopping next time, remember to create a free ProDentUSA account. Keep up with our deals and updates by signing up for our newsletter below.