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Bone Graft Set

Set of 4 instruments essential in bone graft procedures. Includes two sizes of bone packers and two bone graft spatulas

Implant Ninja Kit

Implant kit: includes medium sterilizing cassette 94-150, TC Iris Scissors Curved 12-154TC, Minnesota Lip and Cheek Retractor 21-23340, 6″ Mayo

Suture Set

Includes sterilizing cassette, #5 mouth mirror and handle, Gracey Curette 13/14, explorer #5, Kelly Scissors straight, serrated, type CW aspirating

Titanium Instrument Set

Set of 3 – Root Tip Remover, Straight Periotome, Curved Periotome.

All things surgical, all in one place. Our go-to sets are efficiently assembled with all the standard surgical tools for your convenience.