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Exam Set

Includes small sterilizing cassette, #5 mouth mirror and handle, probe CP12, explorer #5, and college pliers

Intro Exam Set

Includes explorer #23 in R3 round handle, college pliers, and O1 octagonal cone socket mirror handle with mirror.
Intro Exam Set in ProDent Blue Titanium

Intro Exam Set in ProDent Blue Titanium

Includes explorer #23 in H5 hollow handle, college pliers, and H5 cone socket mirror handle with mirror.

#5 Mouth Mirror with Hollow Handle, Cone Socket

Used to give a better image while examining different areas of the patient’s mouth.

Bib Chain

Chain with clips is used to hold bib in place around patient’s neck during dental procedure.

Diagnostic Sets and Accessories

Diagnostic tools are the first instruments you reach for in a routine exam. When you take a closer look at a patient with these dental instruments, you can deliver your professional opinion about their needs or concerns. With a diagnostic dental exam set, you’ll have everything you need to get started in one compact collection.

The Benefits of Purchasing Diagnostic Dental Instruments in Sets

ProDentUSA is your dental office’s all-in-one resource for diagnostic dental exam instruments. We manufacture all our products with durable stainless steel, made to save you money and last your practice for a long time. When you order your dental instruments in a set, you can enjoy a pre-packaged group of tools to fill your basic needs.

Here’s why our customers love diagnostic dental instrument sets:

  • Convenience: All of our sets include an explorer, college pliers and a handled mouth mirror. You can keep these essential tools handy for your exam setup before each new patient.
  • Design: Each exam set includes ProDentUSA-manufactured stainless steel instruments. These tools are built to last your practice and assist your process again and again.
  • Affordability: You get more bang for your buck with a pre-assembled kit. Save big on dental supplies when you choose ProDentUSA.


Diagnostic Dental Exam Accessories

Your dental instruments help you perform a productive exam. With additional accessories, you’ll have a well-rounded tool kit. Choose from our diagnostic dental exam accessories for your basic treatment setup. With add-ons like our 17-inch bib chain, you can give your patients everything they need throughout their appointment.

Why Choose ProDentUSA?

At ProDentUSA, we supply the best diagnostic dental exam accessories and instruments for your practice. Find everything you need in one place with simple shopping and our satisfaction guarantee. Here are a few reasons dentists choose ProDentUSA:

  • Price: We manufacture our dental sets so you don’t have to pay middleman costs. Save money and feel better about your instruments with ProDentUSA products.
  • Product quality: All our dental instruments are authentic, medical-grade stainless steel products with excellent durability. We offer a one-year warranty in the rare case of a material defect.
  • Sustainability: Our Instruments for Change program donates dental instruments to offices that serve communities in need. We recycle the others back to steel to form new products.


Enjoy Convenient Diagnostic Dental Exam Instruments

Our diagnostic dental exam sets are the perfect starting point for your tray setup. With the tools you need for each appointment, you can begin your exam with confidence and convenience. At ProDentUSA, we carry everything you need in one place for easy shopping. Simply add to cart and check out, and you’re good to go!

Your office can rely on our consistent quality assurance when you stock your dental bench with our practical and durable instruments. Browse our products above to begin your shopping.

We offer free standard domestic shipping on orders over $50 for even more savings. You can also create a free account for easy ordering on your next restock. If you have questions about any of our dental instruments or sets, please contact us online or call 1-888-724-5820.