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Intro Exam Set

Dental Examination Set Includes explorer #23 in R3 round handle, college pliers, and O1 octagonal cone socket mirror handle with

Exam Set

Includes small sterilizing cassette, #5 mouth mirror and handle, probe CP12, explorer #5, and college pliers
Large Sterilization Casette

X-Large Cassette

Extra Large Dental Cassette Convenient cassette to help sterilize and manage all instruments in one place. Free Domestic Shipping on
Intro Exam Set in ProDent Blue Titanium

Intro Exam Set in ProDent Blue Titanium

Includes explorer #23 in H5 hollow handle, college pliers, and H5 cone socket mirror handle with mirror.

Titanium Instrument Set

Set of 3 – Root Tip Remover, Straight Flexitome, Curved Flexitome.

Dental Prophy Set

Dental Prophy Kit Our prophy instrument set includes sterilizing cassette, #5 mouth mirror and handle, explorer #11/12, probe CP12, scaler

Medium Cassette

Stainless steel cassette holds up to 10 instruments for sterilization and instrument management.

Bone Graft Set

Dental Bone Grafting Kit Find ease and performance in your bone grafting procedures with this double-ended, stainless steel set of

Perio Set

Includes double decker sterilizing cassette, #5 mouth mirror and handle, Gracey Curette 1/2, 7/8, 11/12, 13/14, scalers McCall 13/14, 204S,

Small Cassette, Air

Lightweight design made to cool down quicker after sterilization and manage instruments.

Rubber Dam Set

Includes (1) Ainsworth Rubber Dam Punch, (1) IV Type Rubber Dam Forceps, (1) Rubber Dam Frame 4″, (1) Each of

Medium, Double Decker Cassette

Stainless steel cassette holds up to 20 instruments for sterilization and instrument management.

Dental Instrument Sets

It’s difficult to piece together the right collection of dental instruments and tools, but dental instrument set options allow you to get pre-configured collections for specific purposes. At ProDentUSA, we offer an array of quality dental instrument kits so that you can quickly secure the tools you need.

In addition to our wide selection of quality instruments, you’ll also find unbeatable prices. Start exploring your dental instrument set options on this page.

Find the Dental Instrument Sets You Need

Are you ready to explore your dental instruction set options? Here’s a look at what you’ll find in our selection:

  • – Amalgam sets
  • – Archwire sets
  • – Bone graft sets
  • – Composite sets
  • – Crown and bridge sets
  • – Debonding and debanding sets
  • – Endodontic sets
  • – Exam sets
  • – Periodontal sets
  • – Prophy sets
  • – Suture sets
  • – Cassettes
  • – More

These turnkey sets are designed to give you instruments that work together right out of the package.

The Uses and Benefits of Quality Dental Instrument Kits

Our dental instrument sets represent the most modern tools and innovations available in the industry. When you choose the best dental tools, you can work efficiently and effectively to provide outstanding service to your patients.

We specialize in delivering instruments as part of sets that are both durable and lightweight. This balance between toughness and weight allows hygienists, dentists and other professionals to deliver the needed treatment without experiencing fatigue.

Quality, Durability and Value

As a dentist, each investment you make is important. At ProDentUSA, we make sure you’re getting a return on investment by providing quality. We manufacture and sell our own instruments, which are made of reliable and long-lasting stainless steel. They deliver the accuracy and precision you require at an affordable price.

We also stand behind our products with our ProDent Promise: Designed to last, guaranteed to satisfy. That means we’ll provide replacement instruments within a year of purchase at no additional cost to you if you experience an issue.

Enjoy an Unmatched Customer Experience

We’ve created a streamlined customer experience that makes getting quality dental instrument kits as simple as possible. In addition to our fair prices, we also offer free standard domestic shipping on orders totaling more than $50.

We know that securing the right tools is just a small portion of what a dental practice needs to focus on. Our selection of dental instrument sets, our customer experience and our lower prices and fast shipping are all designed to make it easy for dental professionals to get the quality tools they need fast.

Get the Best at ProDentUSA

We believe dental professionals deserve tools that allow them to do their best work, and that’s exactly what we offer. Browse our selection of quality dental instrument kits on this page, and contact us with questions that emerge during your search.