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Manipulate endodontic materials more effectively with expertly crafted endo forceps. Our collection includes classic favorites like endo root and micro endo forceps. We create each of our endo instruments with stainless steel and expert techniques.

Please note that we sell rubber dam forceps in the same category as our rubber dam punches.

Maneuver Materials and Tissue With Ease

Endo forceps offer plenty of utility during endodontic procedures. They can hold and maneuver endodontic materials like files, reamers or points for a clean finish. Our collection includes staples such as:

    • – Delicate Endo Root Forceps: Our endo root forceps feature a precision-focused design for delicate uses. They have a 90-degree angled tip to easily access any area of the mouth and grooved tips to hold small items like points. Their durable and easy-to-use configuration makes them a favorite for many endodontic procedures.
    • – Hartman Alligator “Micro Endo” Forceps: Hartman alligator forceps boast a long reach and precise tip for maximum control. Because of their flat-tipped design, they can also maneuver tissue and light materials during surgical procedures. Our micro endo forceps come with a 3.5″ or 5.5″ shaft for the degree of reach you need.
  • – Steiglitz Fragment Forceps: ProDentUSA Steiglitz forceps combine a ratchet locking mechanism with narrow, pointed tips to promote a secure grip in tight spaces. Choose from a 45-degree, 90-degree or straight tip for better reach in different areas of the mouth.

Crafted With 440A German Stainless Steel

At ProDentUSA, we precisely craft each of our endo forceps using German stainless steel because it has these ideal properties for dental instruments:

    • – High wear and corrosion resistance: Our 440A stainless steel improves upon stainless steel’s excellent corrosion resistance by adding a higher degree of wear resistance.
    • – Simple sanitization and maintenance: You can sanitize stainless steel instruments easily with your preferred solution and have low-maintenance edges.
  • – Sustainability: We combine recycled and new stainless steel to minimize our instruments’ impact on the environment.

Purchase With Peace of Mind

When you buy ProDentUSA instruments, you can rest assured that you’ll get the quality you need for the clinical outcomes you want. All of our products come with the ProDent Promise, which provides a one-year warranty against defects. If your endo forceps don’t offer the performance you expect under normal use, we’ll replace them for free.

Get Endo Forceps Direct-to-Dentist

We save you time and money with a direct-to-dentist sales model. At ProDentUSA, we handle every aspect of an instrument’s journey to your office, from manufacture to sale. After our team in Pakistan begins the manufacturing process, we add the final touches at our New Jersey headquarters. Our team then directly sells each instrument from our e-commerce store, saving you time and money compared to other models.

Your Endodontic Forceps Suppliers

Find the forceps you need, add them to your cart, and simply check out to have dependable instruments delivered to your address. We welcome you to contact our team at any time for help with your purchase.

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Steiglitz Fragment Forceps

Made of durable stainless steel, Steiglitz Forceps are ideal for removing points, files, pins and other endodontic materials. The narrow,

Delicate Endo Root Forceps

Made of durable stainless steel, Endo Root Forceps are used to recover reamers, files, points, or any other fragments during
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Hartman Alligator “Micro Endo” Forceps

Made of durable stainless steel, Hartman Alligator Forceps are used in endodontic procedures to recover reamers, files, points, or any other small fragments. Can also be used to hold and manipulate soft tissue and light materials during suturing or other surgical procedures.