Dental Microsurgery Instruments

Your patients can benefit from the precise results of microsurgery when they need dental implants, bone grafting or deep dental cleaning. With appropriate microsurgical instruments, dentists can achieve the precision microsurgery demands.

Suitable instruments let you enhance your patients’ experience and keep them smiling. Micro instruments cause less surgical trauma, making surgery more comfortable and recovery quicker. These tools also reduce aesthetic scars — your patients can enjoy a natural-looking appearance after their procedures.

While you keep your patients smiling, we’ll help you meet your surgical goals. ProDentUSA offers dental microsurgical instruments designed to last and guaranteed to satisfy.

About Microsurgical Instruments

Dental microsurgery enables dentists to carry out meticulous procedures with finer suturing materials and smaller tools. These tiny tools might look delicate, but they must be durable and high quality to satisfy their applications.

Premium microsurgery instruments allow dentists to perform delicate tasks more accurately, such as manipulating and cutting tissue and holding suturing needles in place. ProDentUSA offers micro instruments of the highest quality, and all of our products are meticulously handcrafted.

We also use stainless steel to ensure our instruments stay strong throughout continuous sterilization. We mostly use corrosion-resistant type 440A stainless steel, which offers the same wear resistance as high-carbon steel to help our instruments last.

Microsurgery Tools From ProDentUSA

ProDentUSA offers the following carefully made dental microsurgical instruments:

  • Micro castroviejo scissors: With its narrow, short, sharp blades, this 7-inch scissor cuts effortlessly through tissue.
  • Micro castroviejo needle holders: The small working tip of this 7-inch needle holder tightly grips and maneuvers a needle while suturing.
  • Micro buser periosteal elevators: Detach and lift soft tissue from the bone with ease with this double-ended micro instrument with a pointed spade end and straight spoon end.
  • Micro forceps: ProDentUSA offers an array of tissue and dressing forceps for various microsurgery procedures, including curved and straight options. All forceps are 7 inches in length.
  • Microsurgery cassettes: Sterilize your microsurgery tools with our open cassettes that hold up to eight instruments.
  • Microsurgery sets: This quality set contains five efficiently designed instruments and an open cassette. The set includes a 7-inch curved micro Castroviejo needle holder, 7-inch curved micro Castroviejo scissors, 7-inch curved microsurgery dressing pliers, a straight scalpel handle and a mini Buser periosteal elevator.

Why Choose ProDentUSA?

ProDentUSA has been manufacturing dental equipment for more than 80 years. Over eight decades, we’ve perfected the art of handcrafted equipment to confidently offer you quality products that help enhance patient outcomes. Since you can buy our products directly from us, we can provide these premium tools at affordable prices.

Use ProDentUSA’s Superior Micro Instruments

ProDentUSA is committed to spreading smiles one instrument at a time and would like to place our premium microsurgery instruments in your capable and steady hands. We know these products offer precise results.

To protect our clients against material defects, we offer a one-year instrument warranty and a lifetime guarantee for extraction forceps and needle holders. We also offer free shipping for instrument orders over $50.

Start your search for elite microsurgical instruments by browsing our catalog. If you have any questions about our products or services, contact us online for exceptional customer service.

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Buser Periosteal Elevator, Micro

Dentists utilize ProDentUSA’s micro buser periosteal elevator during microsurgical procedures to detach and lift soft tissue from the bone. The
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Castroviejo Needle Holder 7″ Curved, Micro

Made of enduring German stainless steel, our micro curved Castroviejo needle holder is designed to hold and maneuver needles while
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Castroviejo Scissors, Micro

The microsurgical Castroviejo scissors are designed to be more precise with narrower, shorter blades. The short micro blades are sharp
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Micro Dressing Forceps, Curved 7″

Utilize ProDentUSA’s micro curved dressing forceps for wound debridement procedures. They can also easily hold and manipulate delicate tissue and
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Microsurgery Cassette

Keep your microsurgery tools organized and secure in a ProDentUSA microsurgery instrument cassette. All our products, including these cassettes, are backed by our ProDent promise — designed to last and guaranteed to satisfy.
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Micro Tissue Forceps 7″ With 1×2 Teeth

ProDentUSA’s micro dental tissue forceps manipulate and hold delicate tissue and light materials during microsurgical procedures. The semi-round shanks of
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Micro Ring Tissue Forceps 7″

Dentists use ProDentUSA’s micro ring tissue forceps to hold and manipulate light materials, like gauze, and delicate tissue during microsurgical
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Micro Dressing Forceps, Straight 7″

ProDentUSA micro dressing forceps are multipurpose tools that can effectively execute microsurgical dental tasks. During these procedures, the tool holds
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Microsurgery Instrument Set

Proper micro-instruments ensure dentists perform microsurgery with enhanced accuracy. ProDentUSA offers a microsurgical kit with five crucial tools and an open cassette to ensure you have all the essential instruments for these procedures.
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