Why You Should Buy Orthodontic Instruments From ProDentUSA

At ProDentUSA, we craft our own orthodontic instruments and tools, which ensures the highest quality and best price. We stand by the ProDent Promise, meaning our products are guaranteed to provide you with lasting service.

ProDentUSA Orthodontic Instruments and Tools

We know how busy the life of an orthodontist can be, which is why it’s important for you to have all the dental tools you need. Fortunately, we carry a wide range of the best orthodontic dental instruments, including:

  • Cutters: When you purchase a cutter from ProDentUSA, you can choose between our standard cutters or our signature Siberian Stone cutters. In our standard section, we offer tools such as our heavy-duty lab wire cutter and our slim cut and hold distal end cutter. Meanwhile, our long-lasting signature cutters range from classic cut and hold distal end cutters to miniature pin and ligature cutters.
  • Elastic-Placing Mathieu Pliers: If you need a tool that works with elastic and ligatures, these are the pliers for you. They’re handy tools thanks to their versatility and potential for multiple uses. Feel free to check out the hand-crafted hook tip pliers or curved pliers on our website.
  • Gauges: Every effective orthodontist needs a measuring device. That’s why we offer several types of gauges that allow you to make measurements for placing brackets. Our stainless steel ortho-style Boley Gauge has a thin tip that will allow you to measure in millimeters and centimeters.
  • Hand instruments: You can use our hand instruments for a variety of purposes. We have band pushers, ligature directors, ligature removers, scalers and other useful orthodontic tools that can serve your patients well.
  • Mosquitoes: Our mosquitoes are made from durable stainless steel, and orthodontists use these tools to replace and remove ligatures and elastic. Whether you need a serrated tip, a hook tip or a hole tip, we can ensure that you have the right piece of equipment.
  • Orthodontic sets: Rather than buying all your orthodontic tools separately, you may want to buy a set. ProDentUSA offers two orthodontic sets: our archwire set and our debonding and debanding set, which include all your standard tools in one package.
  • Pliers: Your number one orthodontic instrument suppliers offer a large selection of pliers for multi-purpose use. You can choose from our group of signature Siberian Stone utility and wire bending pliers as well as our standard pliers. We have everything you could need, from simple lab pliers to long bird beak pliers.
  • Scissors: We offer three types of durable scissors that are perfect for cutting wires and crowns. Choose from our three types of scissors to find the right one for you — we have festooning scissors, heavy festooning scissors and angled wire cutting scissors.
  • Tweezers: When it comes to moving or placing brackets, you need a strong and steady pair of tweezers to do the job. Whether you need tweezers with square or curved tips, we have the right tool. You can also check out our new product — 90-degree bracket holder tweezers that come with an aligner.

Why Choose ProDentUSA?

We know that as an orthodontist, you have many responsibilities on your plate. That’s why we want to ensure that your patients receive the best possible care. At ProDentUSA, we like to think we’re spreading smiles one instrument at a time.

ProDentUSA offers free shipping on orders over $50, so act now. Create an account on our website today for access to the best orthodontic instruments that we have to offer.

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Narrow Elastic Placing Mathieu Pliers (Needle Holder)

Made of enduring German Stainless Steel, our needle holders are designed to hold any needle while suturing. German Tungsten Carbide tips offer a more resilient working edge.

Tube Crimping Pliers

These pliers are used to crimp the tube around a space maintainer wire to keep it in place. The groove
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Adhesive Removing Pliers Replacement Tip

Reversible tip fits only ProDentUSA Adhesive Removing Pliers.
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Slim Direct Bond Bracket Tweezers with Aligner

Used to hold, maneuver and place brackets. Aligner aids in precise bracket placement.
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Three Prong Pliers

These best-selling pliers are perfect for wire bending and contouring and clasp adjusting.
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Distal Cinch Back Pliers

These best-selling pliers are used to bend distal ends of archwires.
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Half-Tip Elastic Placing Mathieu Pliers

These multi-purpose pliers are used to hold, maneuver and place elastics and ligatures. They can also be used as needle
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Bracket Height Gauge, Adjustable

Used to accurately measure height for bracket placement. Adjustable gauge ends enable height reading from different angles.
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Ligature Remover & Angled Director

This combination instrument is used to remover ligatures or elastics with one side and guide ligatures with the other.
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Tweed Arch Bending Pliers

These precise pliers are used to torque and bend wires.
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Crown & Band Crimping Pliers, Slim

Used to contour and shape crowns and bands. Thinner tip than our regular 30-417.
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Slim Buccal Tube Bonder Tweezers with Aligner

Used to hold, maneuver and place brackets.
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