Getting the right dental instruments is easier than ever before. ProDentUSA dental instrument sets contain high-quality stainless steel tools packaged in collections that make sense. From diagnostic devices to kits for advanced orthodontic procedures, we have a set to meet your needs.

The Right Tools, Right Now

Whether you’re launching a practice and building a collection of tools or looking to make some upgrades, our range of dental instrument sets has you covered. Instrument sets are packaged to include the right tools for exams and a range of procedures. Our hand-crafted sets are made from quality stainless steel and backed by the ProDent Promise.

Finding the Right Instrument Set

Collections include uniform sets of high-quality stainless steel dental tools, all meticulously manufactured with the greatest care. ProDentUSA instruments are lightweight, durable and backed by a full guarantee. Offer the best care with the best dental tool kits.

Dental Diagnostic Instrument Sets

The following ProDent diagnostic sets include collections of the latest tools for conducting dental exams:

  • Exam Set: The ProDentUSA Exam Set includes four lightweight dental exam tools packaged in a durable stainless steel case. These include explorers, probes, cotton pliers, and the classic mirror and handle.
  • Intro Exam Set: The Intro Exam Set includes the three necessary examination instruments, also available in ProDent Blue Titanium.

Dental Restorative Instrument Sets

Get all the tools you need for dental restoration procedures with specialized restorative instrument sets:

  • Crown & Bridge Set: The ideal kit for crown and bridge procedures, this large stainless cassette includes 11 essential instruments.
  • 48 KTR Stainless Crowns: This set contains 48 KTR stainless steel primary molar crowns in an organizing tray.
  • Composite Set: The Composite Set includes a collection of premium stainless steel dental tools for composite restorative procedures.
  • Amalgam Set: The complete set of tools for basic restorative care comes with 15 dental instruments packaged for simple sterilization and storage.

Surgical Sets

Oral surgeries are complicated, but getting the right tools doesn’t have to be. Ensure you have all the tools necessary to perform a range of oral surgical procedures with ProDentUSA’s surgical instrument sets:

  • Bone Expander: Preparation for implants is made easier with the Bone Expander Kit. This kit replaces traditional osteotomes, expanding and condensing mandibular and maxillary bones as needed.
  • Bone Graft Set: The essential bone grafting instruments packed into a simple set. Sets include four double-sided tools — two bone packers and two bone graft spatulas.
  • Implant Ninja Kit: Become master of the implant with the Implant Ninja Kit. Kits include seven specialized instruments and a convenient stainless steel sterilization cassette.
  • Suture Set: The Suture Set contains everything you need to create perfect sutures packaged in protective stainless steel for easy sterilization.
  • Titanium Instrument Set: This instrument set includes root tip removers, curved flexitomes and straight flexitomes with working tips forged from durable titanium alloy.

Periodontal Sets

Make advanced periodontal care simple with our prepackaged periodontal sets:

  • Gracey Set: A convenient set of seven ergonomic, color-coded Gracies in a medium stainless steel sterilization cassette.
  • Perio Set: The Perio Set includes the ten most-essential periodontal tools in a double-decker stainless steel case.
  • Prophy Kit: Basic prophy setup is easy with the Prophy Kit, a packaged collection of seven dental instruments in a stainless steel case.

Orthodontic Sets

ProDentUSA provides all the orthodontic tools you need packaged in self-contained kits. ProDent orthodontic sets include:

  • Archwire Set: The Archwire Set contains all the essential tools for shaping, cutting, and placing archwires.
  • Debonding & Debanding Set: This set simplifies the removal of orthodontic brackets and other equipment with a hand-picked collection of five orthodontic instruments.

Endodontic Sets

We offer all the tools for endodontic care preselected to make your life easier. The Endo Set is a large stainless sterilization kit which contains 14 indispensable tools for performing endodontic procedures.

Dental Instrument Sets by ProDentUSA

Save time and save money. Get the tools you need fast with convenient dental tool kits from ProDentUSA. The ProDent Promise backs every item we produce. Our products are designed to last and guaranteed to satisfy.

We are the manufacturer, distributor and the face of ProDentUSA dental instruments. No middle man means we control pricing each step of the way. Our Factory-to-Door initiative ensures you’ll always pay the best price.

Explore the full line of ProDent dental instrument sets. Orders over $50 qualify for free shipping. Have questions? We’re happy to help. Give us a call at 888-724-5820 or contact us online today to learn more.

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Intro Exam Set

Dental Examination Set Includes explorer #23 in R3 round handle, college pliers, and O1 octagonal cone socket mirror handle with
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Exam Set

Includes small sterilizing cassette, #5 mouth mirror and handle, probe CP12, explorer #5, and college pliers
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Dental Prophy Kit

Dental prophylaxis is a routine mouth checkup or teeth cleaning. Overall, this dental care protects a patient’s teeth and prevents
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Intro Exam Set in ProDent Blue Titanium

Includes explorer #23 in H5 hollow handle, college pliers, and H5 cone socket mirror handle with mirror.
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Titanium Instrument Set

Set of 3 – Root Tip Remover, Straight Flexitome, Curved Flexitome.
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Perio Set

Includes double decker sterilizing cassette, #5 mouth mirror and handle, Gracey Curette 1/2, 7/8, 11/12, 13/14, scalers 13/14, 204S, and
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Bone Graft Set

Dental Bone Grafting Kit Find ease and performance in your bone grafting procedures with this double-ended, stainless steel set of
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Rubber Dam Set

Includes (1) Ainsworth Rubber Dam Punch, (1) IV Type Rubber Dam Forceps, (1) Rubber Dam Frame 4″, (1) Each of
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Crown & Bridge Set

Includes large sterilizing cassette, #5 mouth mirror & handle, explorer #5, probe CP12, 18 excavator, 113 serrated cord packer, 2
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Endo Set

When a patient suffers from tooth or gum inflammation, you want to do your best to save the patient’s tooth
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Implant Ninja Kit

Implant kit: includes medium sterilizing cassette 94-150, TC Iris Scissors Curved 12-154TC, Cawood-Minnesota Retractor 21-23340, 6″ Mayo Hegar Needle Holder
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Composite Set

Includes medium sterilizing cassette, 3 Goldstein Composite Instrument thin & flexible style (40-CF3), 1 Goldstein Instrument, thin & flexible style
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