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Titanium Instrument Set

Set of 3 – Root Tip Remover, Straight Flexitome, Curved Flexitome.

Bone Graft Set

Set of 4 instruments essential in bone graft procedures. Includes two sizes of bone packers and two bone graft spatulas

Spade Set

Our hybrid instruments are an ideal cross between a luxating elevator and a peri0tome. Unique and precise tips crafted from

Implant Ninja Kit

Implant kit: includes medium sterilizing cassette 94-150, TC Iris Scissors Curved 12-154TC, Cawood-Minnesota Retractor 21-23340, 6″ Mayo Hegar Needle Holder

Implant Surgery Set

Includes a large sterilizing cassette, #5 mirror & handle, college pliers, Bard Parker scalpel handle with ruler, aspirating syringe type

Suture Set

Includes sterilizing cassette, #5 mouth mirror and handle, Gracey Curette 13/14, explorer #5, Kelly Scissors straight, serrated, type CW aspirating

Student Suture Kit

Includes a zipper case with 6″ Mayo Needle Holder 14-20200, 5.5″ Kelly Hemostat 13-17400, #3 Scalpel Handle 25-341, 4.5″ Iris

Basic Surgery Set

Includes a large sterilizing cassette, #5 mirror & handle, scalpel handle #5, periosteal elevator KN1, Heidbrink Root Tip Pick 2/3,

Bone Expander Kit

This comprehensive kit is used in place of osteotomes to expand or condense maxillary or mandibular bone where needed in
Atraumatic Extraction Set 38-ATE with selection of Upper Extraction Forceps, Lower Extraction Forceps, Needle Holder; #7

Atraumatic Extraction Set

ProDentUSA’s first customizable set! Customize your new Atraumatic set with our most popular extraction forceps and needle holders. Each set

Colorado Implant Kit

Designed in collaboration with Colorado Surgical Institute’s Live Implant Course: This kit includes a large sterilizing cassette, 38-BCL-R 86 Lucas

Oral Surgery Instrument Sets

Keep all of the instruments you need at your fingertips. Our oral surgical instrument sets come efficiently assembled with the standard surgical tools needed for your next procedure. With ProDentUSA, you’ll get the oral surgery instrument sets you need at a common-sense price.

Get a Head-Start or Give a Gift

Dental professionals at every stage of their careers enjoy the convenience of our hand instrument kits. We carefully select each of the tools in these sets with your needs in mind and encase them in sleek stainless steel sterilizing cassettes. Consider getting one of our surgical instrument kits as:

  • – A refresh for your inventory
  • – A foundation for a new dental office’s tools
  • – A gift for your favorite dental student or grad
  • – An introduction kit for a new staff member

Our Selection of Oral Surgery Instrument Kits

We curate instrument sets for various areas of oral surgery. The categories of kits that we offer include:

    • The basics: Do it all. Our basic surgery sets include tools geared toward just about any procedure. These instruments move tissue, remove roots, extract teeth and perform many other basic surgical tasks. We offer a comprehensive 440A stainless steel set and a foundational titanium set.


  • Surgical instrument sets for implants: Prepare and perform implant procedures with ease. We curate a wide variety of instrument kits for implant and bone grafts tailored to different procedures. Options range from small bone graft sets to all-in-one implant surgery kits.
  • Suture kits: Set up basic sutures after a procedure. Our suture sets provide the tools needed for general suturing processes.

Impeccable Instruments From Us to You

At ProDentUSA, we use common sense to deliver a simple shopping experience and reasonable prices. We’re involved in every step of a product’s journey from manufacture to sale. This direct model enables us to list lower prices for carefully crafted instruments.

In addition, our e-commerce model lets you buy directly from us instead of a sales representative. (If you ever have a question, though, we’re always glad to help!) Add items to your cart, check out and experience the difference our products make.

Let’s Do Our Part to Preserve the Environment

Together, we can reduce the dental instrument industry’s impact on the earth. Our manufacturers balance recycled and new materials in their designs to make high-quality and sustainable products.

You can do your part through our Instruments For Change program. We’ll exchange your old tools for a new one from our inventory.

We Stand Behind Every Kit That We Craft

After carefully crafting and assembling an instrument set, we back it with the ProDent Promise. Most of our products feature a one-year warranty to give you confidence in our craft. If you find a defect in one of our instruments after proper use, we will replace it for free.

Buy a Set of Oral Surgery Instruments Online

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