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Christensen Crown Remover

Our best-selling Christensen Crown Removers are ideally constructed to remove permanent crowns after sectioning the crown with a bur. Notched tips aid in effortless removal.

Wynman Temporary Crown Remover With Tungsten Carbide Tip

Remove or place temporary crowns with ease, even in the most hard-to-reach places, with our Wynman Temporary Crown Remover with tungsten

Replacement Rubber Tips for Crown and Bridge Removing Pliers

Our popular Crown and Bridge Removing Pliers make the crown removal process safe and easy in large part thanks to

Crown and Bridge Removing Pliers

Remove temporary crowns and bridges with ease with our highly popular Crown and Bridge Removing Pliers. When it’s time to

Baade Crown and Band Removing Pliers

Removing permanent crowns and orthodontic bands requires precision, patience and just the right tool for the right situation. Our Baade

Automatic Crown Remover

Every dentist has their own preferred crown removal method. For those who favor a “hammer” technique. Our Automatic Crown Remover

3-Prong Crown Spreader

“Allows me to safely section the crown without putting any torque or forces on the underlying tooth. All of the force is directed into spreading the crown, not the tooth.” - Dr. Andrew Sackser, Mineola, NY

Modified Wynman Temporary Crown Remover

Place and remove temporary crowns in even the tightest areas with our Modified Wynman Temporary Crown Remover. This adapted version

Wynman Temporary Crown Remover

Used to place and remove temporary crowns in tight areas of the mouth. Serrated tip enables strong grip.

Morrell Crown Remover

All dental professionals should have a reliable crown remover on hand for extracting damaged crowns and fixed bridges. If you

Crown Removers and Spreaders

Take crowns and bridges out with care. We craft stainless steel instruments for many crown removal techniques. Choose from crown removing forceps, Christensen crown removers and more.

Remove Crowns and Bridges Safely

Every dentist has their own approach to crown and bridge removal. When you want to remove a crown, you need tools that preserve the tooth underneath. Many dentists use the disassembly method where they cut through the crown and spread it open. Some use a gun or hammer mechanism that uses a quick force to remove the crown. You might prefer different techniques in different situations.

Our Crown and Bridge Removers and Spreaders

Our selection of crown removers and spreaders includes:

    • – Removers: We craft crown removers with a variety of mechanisms. Products like the Christensen remover use leverage to take out a crown. In contrast, our automatic and Morrell crown removers use a hammer or gun mechanism.


  • – Spreaders: After cutting a crown during disassembly, you can use a spreader to split it. Our stainless steel tips stay durable during this process.


For temporary crowns, you can use our grabbers. We also sell crown and bridge removing pliers with replacement rubber tips.

Environmentally Friendly Crown Remover Instruments

At ProDentUSA, we minimize our environmental impact in everything we do. Our instruments and packaging include recycled materials that don’t compromise quality. Behind the scenes, we reuse and recycle as part of our daily operations. Join us in the Instruments for Change program.

Sensible Shopping at ProDentUSA

We keep things simple. You can buy our instruments like you would any online product — add to cart and checkout. We don’t make you go through a sales rep unless you want our help. With free domestic shipping on orders over $50, we’ll keep you smiling.

The ProDentUSA Difference

What sets us apart from our competitors? The ProDent Promise. We back most of our products with a one-year warranty. If you find a defect in one of our instruments, send it back to us, and we’ll send you a new one. After all, we want you to take as much pride in our tools as we do.

Save With Our Factory to Door Initiative

How do we offer lower prices without compromising quality? You’ll find the answer in every instrument’s journey. We craft our own instruments, so we don’t need to work with a middleman. This approach saves us money, and we pass those savings to you. Manufacturing our instruments in-house also lets us meet our high product standards.

Discover More About Our Crown Removers and Spreaders

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