Dental Crown Remover Tools

Crown removers are specialized dental instruments that allow you to carefully and safely take out crowns and bridges. ProDentUSA ensures you have the right tool for any removal technique with our wide variety of crown remover instruments. Browse with ease and experience unbeatable prices and a pressure-free e-commerce experience.

Specialized Tools for Every Crown Removal Technique

Crown removal is one of the most common procedures in restorative dentistry. For your practice to safely and comfortably remove artificial crowns from the oral cavity, you need to have a variety of crown remover tools at hand, especially if you wish to preserve the natural tooth underneath.

At ProDentUSA, we focus on outstanding craftsmanship, ensuring our crown remover tools are up for the job and can stand the test of time. That means superior precision in any situation and extreme longevity you can count on.

While every dentist has their preferred method, most rely on two primary crown removal techniques. No matter your preference, we have the tools for you:

  • Crown removers: Most crown removers are conservative or semi-conservative tools that break the cement seal and separate the crown from the tooth through manual pressure or a powered method.
  • Crown spreaders: Most destructive techniques use crown spreaders to break the crown into pieces before removing them from the tooth.

Choosing the Right Crown Removal Instruments

When you partner with ProDentUSA, you’re sure to find your ideal crown removal solution. We have a variety of crown removers, spreaders, pliers and forceps to choose from, including all the most popular options.

  • Christensen crown remover: This semi-conservative tool uses the leverage technique to section the crown before removal.
  • Automatic crown remover: Relying on the hammer technique, an automatic crown remover releases a short shock to release the cement seal for conservative removal.
  • Morrell crown remover: The Morrell is a classic option that uses a manual hammer mechanism that issues a jolt of pressure for simpler crown removal.

A Unique Shopping Experience at ProDentUSA

We’re in the business of spreading smiles — one instrument at a time. The ProDent Promise lets you confidently purchase your crown remover tools, knowing they are backed by warranty.

We also ensure a completely stress-free shopping experience by removing sales representatives. You can always contact us with any questions about our premium products. However, you won’t have to deal with any pushy middleman separating you from our Factory to Door prices.

Purchase Your Essential Crown Removers Today

We keep things simple at ProDentUSA. Oustanding products, such as our high-quality crown removal instruments, at a price that you won’t find anywhere else. We also offer free domestic shipping on instrument orders over $50. Create your free account today to get started.

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Christensen Crown Remover

Our best-selling Christensen Crown Removers are ideally constructed to remove permanent crowns after sectioning the crown with a bur. Notched tips aid in effortless removal.

Double Ended Crown Spreader

1.00mm Width
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Replacement Rubber Tips for Crown and Bridge Removing Pliers

Our popular Crown and Bridge Removing Pliers make the crown removal process safe and easy in large part thanks to
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Wynman Temporary Crown Remover With Tungsten Carbide Tip

Remove or place temporary crowns with ease, even in the most hard-to-reach places, with our Wynman Temporary Crown Remover with tungsten
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Crown and Bridge Removing Pliers

Remove temporary crowns and bridges with ease with our highly popular Crown and Bridge Removing Pliers. When it’s time to
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Baade Crown and Band Removing Pliers

Removing permanent crowns and orthodontic bands requires precision, patience and just the right tool for the right situation. Our Baade
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Automatic Crown Remover

Every dentist has their own preferred crown removal method. For those who favor a “hammer” technique. Our Automatic Crown Remover
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3-Prong Crown Spreader

“Allows me to safely section the crown without putting any torque or forces on the underlying tooth. All of the force is directed into spreading the crown, not the tooth.” - Dr. Andrew Sackser, Mineola, NY
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Morrell Crown Remover

All dental professionals should have a reliable crown remover on hand for extracting damaged crowns and fixed bridges. If you
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Double Ended Crown Spreader, Thin Tips

0.65mm Width
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Modified Wynman Temporary Crown Remover

Place and remove temporary crowns in even the tightest areas with our Modified Wynman Temporary Crown Remover. This adapted version
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Wynman Temporary Crown Remover

Used to place and remove temporary crowns in tight areas of the mouth. Serrated tip enables strong grip.
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