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Iris Scissors 4.5″

These best-selling scissors have the ideal length and tip design to cut fine tissue and sutures. With blades that are hand sharpened all the way to the tip, they are the perfect scissors to have in every kit. Blades inserted with German Tungsten Carbide offer a longer-lasting cutting edge.

Castroviejo Scissors

Unique, spring action design with blades that are sharp all the way to the tip enables effortless cutting of tissue and sutures. These can also be used in microsurgical procedures.

Stitch Scissors

Shaped to perfection, these scissors feature a hook tip cutting edge to efficiently remove sutures in a single action. Use the hook tip to slightly lift the suture and snip to remove it.

Kelly Scissors 6.25″

These long scissors with precise blades are ideal for cutting tissue and sutures in hard to reach areas.

Dean Scissors 7″

These sharp, durable scissors featuring a long, curved shank and blades angled upwards are ideal for reaching the back of

La Grange Scissors 4.5″

These best-selling scissors featuring a curved shank are ideal for cutting tissue or sutures during surgical procedures

Goldman Fox Scissors 5″

These elegant scissors feature tapering blades used to cut tissue and sutures in even the smallest of areas.

Cuticle Scissors 3.5″

Delicate and precise, these scissors are ideal for cutting fine tissue and sutures.

Crown Scissors 4.5″

Featuring short, wide blades, these scissors are ideal for trimming stainless steel or aluminum crowns. Blades inserted with German Tungsten

Lister Bandage Scissors 5.5″

These sharp, durable scissors are used to cut tissue and sutures. Blades can be serrated.

Mayo Scissors

These versatile utility scissors can be used to cut a variety of materials including gauze, sutures and tissue. Blades inserted with German Tungsten Carbide offer a longer-lasting cutting edge.

Tissue Nippers 4″

Sharp, fine blades are ideal for gently trimming soft tissue.

Oral Surgery Scissors

Precise and sharp dental surgical scissors make your procedures safer and more effective. At ProDentUSA, we craft high-quality Castroviejo scissors, Kelly scissors, suture removal scissors and other cutting tools. Discover the difference for yourself.

Cut Tissue, Sutures and Materials

Dentists can use scissors in all procedures. The right oral surgery scissors improve your work for happier, healthier patients. Depending on the type of scissors you use, you can cut materials, sutures, tissue and more. Let us help you find the perfect scissors for your next operation.

The Right Scissors for the Job

Our surgery scissors fall into four different categories:

  • – Standard surgical scissors: Multi-purpose for versatile jobs. General-use surgical scissors like Kelly and Castroviejo scissors have many uses. They can cut tissue, sutures and materials like gauze with ease.
  • – Crown scissors: Trim crowns with precision. Our crown scissors’ short blades can cut stainless steel or aluminum crowns to a tooth’s shape. Choose a German tungsten carbide blade for a long-lasting edge.
  • – Suture removal scissors: Designed specifically for suture cutting. Suture scissors feature a hooked tip for removing sutures in one action. Lift a suture with the hook tip, then snip to cut it in a single step.
  • – Tissue nippers: Gently trim soft tissue. A pair of tissue nippers features sharp, fine blades that cut soft tissue down to your desired shape. A clean cut results in less trauma and faster healing.

Depending on the type of scissors you order, you can customize them in many ways. Choose their size, tip, blade and more to get the perfect cutting tool.

High-Quality Products at Sensible Prices

A common-sense manufacturing process keeps our prices low and material quality high. We take care of every step of an instrument’s lifecycle from manufacture to sale. As a result, we don’t have to pay for a middleman, and neither do you.

In the dental instrument market, many stores take you through a complicated process. They want you to work with a sales rep in-person, which takes extra time, effort and money. We believe in making instrument shopping easy — add to cart, checkout and receive your shipment from ProDentUSA. And did we mention free shipping over $50 every time?

Our Part in Protecting the Planet

We minimize our company’s carbon footprint. Our instruments and their packaging have recycled material content for greener manufacturing. And you can help. Through our Instruments for Change program, we renovate your old instruments and give you a new one.

Designed to Last, Guaranteed to Satisfy

At ProDentUSA, we make a promise to every customer — the ProDent Promise. We guarantee a one-year replacement or repair warranty on most products. After all, we want you to feel as proud of our products as we do.

Discover More About Our Dental Surgical Scissors

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