Aspirating syringes allow for effective administration of anesthetic during oral surgery. ProDentUSA manufactures popular oral aspirating syringes in use today. Our high-grade, reusable oral aspiration syringes are precision-crafted for optimal aspiration.

Administering Anesthetic With Accuracy

It’s crucial during surgery to aspirate injection sites before introducing local anesthetic. Aspiration ensures accurate needle position avoiding intravascular injection. Intravascular injection occurs when syringe needles enter a blood vessel. Instead of local distribution, the anesthetic flows directly into the vein. Aspiration clears the injection site using negative pressure for visible inspection before proceeding.

Oral aspiration syringes are specially designed for use in oral surgery. Syringes are made from durable metals for easy sterilization. Anesthetic carpules are enclosed within aspirating syringes, allowing for safe and accurate incremental injections.

Aspirating Dental Syringes

Aspirating syringes are made from chrome-plated brass or stainless steel. They are reusable, able to withstand dental sterilization procedures. All oral aspiration syringes consist of:

    • A threaded tip: Reusable oral aspiration syringes use flexible, atraumatic and disposable needles attached to a threaded metal tip.
    • A protective body: Glass carpules are fully encased in the stainless steel body of the syringe, protecting ampules from shattering.
    • A moveable piston: A moveable piston creates suction and places pressure on the carpule.
  • A thumb ring: A thumb ring allows for easy manipulation of the piston for aspirating the site or injecting the local anesthetic.

Modern aspirating syringes come in two designs, which you can learn more about below.

Astra Syringe

The Astra syringe, or Type A syringe, includes all the above characteristics. Astra oral aspiration syringes are made from chrome-plated brass. ProDentUSA Type A syringes feature a unique harpoon design for guaranteed aspiration.

Cook-Waite Syringe

For added control and ergonomic benefit, Cook-Waite syringes include finger bars. Finger bars can offer additional finger support and injection accuracy. ProDentUSA manufactures Cook-Waite syringes in chrome-plated brass and in stainless steel. These syringes are also guaranteed to aspirate.

User preference typically drives decisions in choosing one syringe type over the other. Browse anesthetic aspirating syringes by ProDent to learn more.

The ProDent Promise

ProDentUSA manufactures and distributes quality dental equipment supported by a product guarantee we stand behind. Every item we ship, from a mirror to an advanced orthodontics kit, is backed by the ProDent Promise: designed to last and guaranteed to satisfy.

We offer premier dental products at affordable prices through our factory-to-door initiative. ProDent is the manufacturer and distributor of our full line of products, including dental aspirating syringes. We cut out the middle man, sending our products straight from the factory to your doorstep.

ProDent Aspirating Syringes for Oral Surgery

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Aspirating Syringe, Cook-Waite (CW)

Cook-Waite Syringe, Chrome-Plated Brass Used to administer local anesthetic in preparation for surgical or other dental procedures. Free Domestic Shipping
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Aspirating Syringe, Cook-Waite (CW), Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel Cook-Waite Syringe Used to administer local anesthetic in preparation for surgical or other dental procedures. Free Domestic Shipping
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Aspirating Syringe, Astra (Type A)

Used to administer local anesthetic in preparation for surgical or other dental procedures.
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