Mirror Handles

You can only treat what you can see. With an effective mouth mirror and handle, you’ll have excellent visibility of your patients’ teeth and gums. As with any dental instrument, the handle is just as crucial as the tip. Our stainless steel dental mirror handles give you a positive grip and control of your mirror.

Benefits of Diagnostic Mirror Handles

As a dental instrument manufacturer, we create ergonomic and practical tools. With our handles for diagnostic dental mirrors, you can enjoy complete visibility and an easy grasp. Our various options are unique to your needs and preferences in the treatment room.

Here are some reasons to consider our selection of dental mirror handles:

  • Lightweight: Our mirror handles feature a hollow build for easier and lighter hold.
  • Textured grip: Certain handles have a serrated edge that assists a firm grasp.
  • Convenient: Our octagonal handle has a ruler end for your convenience. With this feature, you can easily measure spaces and distances during any procedure.
  • Universal sizing: We manufacture dental mirror handles that fit all mirror sizes. Choose from simple stem or cone sockets depending on your mirror’s attachment.

Why Choose ProDentUSA Mirror Handles?

At ProDentUSA, we ensure you get the best products with personal quality assurance. We manage every step of our manufacturing process and create our dental instruments in-house. Our dental mirror handles are made with Grade A stainless steel for excellent durability. You’ll feel good knowing your instruments will last.

Our universally sized dental mirror handles can attach to any simple stem or cone socket mirror. This functionality makes mixing and matching easy and affordable.

Our Commitment to Quality and Price

For us, every dental instrument is an opportunity to create a polished tool with durable and practical features. Our factory-to-door process brings these instruments right to your office with attention to detail and care. At ProDentUSA, we make every aspect of manufacturing dental instruments a priority.

We manufacture all our stainless steel dental mirror handles so you save on middleman fees. Enjoy top-notch tools at an affordable price when you choose ProDentUSA.

Choose From Our Stainless Steel Dental Mirror Handles

As part of our ProDent Promise, we guarantee customer satisfaction with instruments built to last for a long time. If you’re unhappy with your order, we accept returns within 30 days of your purchase. In the rare case of a product defect, we offer a one-year warranty so you can use your instruments to the fullest.

After you’re done with your tools, we encourage your office to donate them as part of our Instruments for Change program. Through this initiative, we help communities in need of adequate dental instruments. We also recycle the stainless steel tools to create new instruments and stay out of landfills.

When you’re ready to purchase your handles for diagnostic dental mirrors, just add them to your cart and check out. We offer free domestic shipping on all orders over $50. Get started by browsing our selection above to find the instrument that’s right for you. If you have questions about any product, please send us a message online or call 1-888-724-5820.

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H5 Round Mouth Mirror Handle, Hollow

Lightweight, hollow handle with textured grip for a positive grasp. Used to hold simple stem mirror during dental procedures.

#10 Octagonal Mouth Mirror Handle with Ruler

Octagonal handle with endo ruler is used to hold cone socket mirror during dental procedures. Convenient ruler makes it easy to take quick measurements.

R3 Round Mouth Mirror Handle

Round handle with textured grip is used to hold cone socket mirror during dental procedures.

O1 Octagonal Mouth Mirror Handle

Octagonal handle is used to hold simple stem mirror during dental procedures.

U15 Towner Scaler & #5 Cone Socket Mirror

The perfect duo equipped with a sturdy and sharp U15 sickle scaler on one end and a #5 Cone Socket
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