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Castroviejo Needle Holder

Made of enduring German Stainless Steel, our needle holders are designed to hold any needle while suturing. German Tungsten Carbide tips offer a more resilient working edge.

Iris Scissors 4.5″

These best-selling scissors have the ideal length and tip design to cut fine tissue and sutures. With blades that are hand sharpened all the way to the tip, they are the perfect scissors to have in every kit. Blades inserted with German Tungsten Carbide offer a longer-lasting cutting edge.

Aspirating Syringe, Cook-Waite (CW)

Cook-Waite Syringe, Chrome-Plated Brass Used to administer local anesthetic in preparation for surgical or other dental procedures. Free Domestic Shipping
60U Spade Tip Elevator, Back Action

60U Spade Tip Elevator, Back Action

Back Action Elevator, 60U Spade Tip Used during extractions to loosen the tooth from the gums to ease extraction and
5 bein straight spade tip elevator

63 Spade Tip Elevator, Straight

Used during extractions to loosen the tooth from the gums to ease extraction and prevent trauma to surrounding teeth and

9 Molt Periosteal Elevator

*Bestseller! Used during surgical procedures to detach and lift soft tissue from the bone.

77R Elevator Reverse Action

*Bestseller! Used during extractions to loosen the tooth from the gums to prevent trauma to surrounding teeth and tissue.

86 Lucas Bone Curette

Used to remove unwanted tissue, cysts or other debris from the tooth socket. Now available in Siberian Stone™ steel.

3mm Luxating Elevator, Silicone Handle

Luxating Elevators have a thin, sharp cutting edge used during extractions to cut away periodontal ligaments thereby loosening the tooth from the gums, making extraction quick and simple. All ProDentUSA Luxating Elevators can be serrated.

Weider Cheek & Tongue Retractor

Also known as the “sweetheart retractor” due to the heart-shaped end, the Weider Retractor is used to hold back cheeks,

University of Minnesota Retractor

Used to hold back cheeks, tongue, lips and mucoperiosteal tissue during surgical or other dental procedures.
Cosgwell Elevator B-33 COGB

Cogswell B Elevator

Used during extractions to loosen the tooth from the gums to ease extraction and prevent trauma to surrounding teeth and

Oral Surgery Instrument & Equipment Supplier

Oral surgery is an in-depth process that requires many important dental surgery instruments and tools for success. That’s why ProDentUSA offers a large selection of dental surgery instruments at affordable prices, backed by our ProDent Promise of long-lasting quality.

Dental Surgical Instruments for Sale at ProDent USA

If you’re looking for specific dental surgery instruments, you’ll be happy to know that we have a wide range of oral surgery tools and dental surgical instruments available for purchase, such as:

  • Surgical tools: We sell bone files and bone chisels for smoothing and shaving bone, rongeurs for trimming bone and tissue, curettes and periosteal elevators for removing or lifting tissue, implant instruments to prepare a site for an implant, clamps to hold or move materials and needle holders for suturing. In addition, we have scissors built for cutting tissue and sutures, calipers for measuring, aspirators for clearing out fluids, scalpel handles for incision-making, periodontal surgical instruments and bone grafting instruments. Each oral surgery instrument is made to ensure maximum effectiveness for your patients.
  • Aspirating syringes: For any surgical procedure, you’ll need an aspirating syringe to administer the anesthetic. Our inventory includes three types of syringes: an Astra-Type aspirating syringe, a Cook-Waite aspirating syringe and a Cook-Waite stainless steel syringe.
  • Surgical sets: Sometimes, it’s useful to have a set of all the tools you need rather than tracking them down individually. ProDentUSA offers four surgical sets, including a bone graft set, an implant kit, a suture set and a titanium instrument set. They each contain a small selection of instruments and can be just as convenient as they are effective in a pinch.
  • Mouth gags and retractors: During any dental procedure, you should have a collection of mouth gags and retractors to prevent parts of the mouth from getting in the way. For instance, we have tools to hold open the patient’s mouth as well as tools that hold back the patient’s tongue and lips when necessary. These items come in handy during major surgeries, simple extractions and other procedures.
  • Extraction tools: Oral surgery instruments commonly used during extractions include periotomes, luxating elevators and elevators. Oral surgeons use periotomes to cut periodontal ligaments and minimize potential trauma during tooth extractions. Luxating elevators also cut away these ligaments while loosening the teeth from the gums. ProDentUSA offers a hybrid instrument, a cross between a luxating elevator and a periotome, that makes extractions more efficient. We also sell a variety of elevators, which are useful in loosening teeth from the gums.

Order Oral Surgery Instruments & Supplies From ProDentUSA

We manufacture all our products so that we can give you the best quality for the best price. We even offer domestic free shipping for purchases that are over $50. Spread smiles one surgical dental instrument at a time by making an account on our website today!