How We Protect Our Planet

At ProDentUSA, on Earth Day and every day, we take small steps to help ensure we leave less of a carbon footprint on our environment. With the effects of climate change on the rise, it’s imperative we all do as much as we can to make sure our future generations have a planet to inherit.

Did you know? Stainless steel is one of the most sustainable materials around. Stainless steel is composed of a variety of naturally occurring elements in the earth, like chromium and nickel. Once these elements are extracted, they can be used and reworked again and again, resulting in a material that almost never goes out of use when recycled properly. That’s right! The spoon you use at the dinner table may just have been a pair of scissors in another life.

In the medical industry, stainless steel plays a special role as an autoclavable material that can be used repeatedly with little to no wear. With around 88% of the world’s end-of-cycle steel being recycled and two out of three tons of new steel coming from old steel, we make it a priority to incorporate recycled steels into our products. By adding the correct elements to old steel, and ensuring the composition of the new steel is just the right hardness and durability we need, we can save an amazing number of resources from going to waste.

Aside from our instruments, we incorporate renewed and renewable resources in our day-to-day operations. We’ve developed eco-friendly packaging for all of our products. They are 100% recyclable and made from recycled materials – protective for our instruments, safe for the earth. We also work with companies like Brother to recycle our toners and keep them out of landfills – a small step that can make a big difference.

With our Instruments for Change recycling program, you can help by joining our efforts! Send us any seven broken or old hand instruments to receive one new ProDentUSA hand instrument for free.

With only one planet to live on, let’s recycle.